Gazette van Detroit

NOTE: The Gazette van Detroit and it's parent, The Belgian Publishing Company, ceased publishing and operation on December 31, 2018. All content and holdings have been transferred to GSFA. Please contact the GSFA library with questions about the Gazette at 586-777-2720 or

Published in Roseville, MI since 1914, among many other things, the Gazette van Detroit provided news from various Belgian social and cultural organizations across the USA, as well as organizations in Belgium that are interested in the historical link between the two countries (cited from the Gazette van Detroit Mission Statement). 

UPDATE! We are pleased to announce that the entire Gazette van Detroit archive is now online. That is, 1916 to 2018. This was an enormous task that could not have been completed without the help of many volunteers. Thank you for your time and effort. Click here to visit now! 

The "Save The Newspaper" project is complete! After several years of hard work we have recently completed scanning, digitizing and creating searchable documents of every page of every issue of the Gazette van Detroit. This Flemish language newspaper was published in Detroit for nearly 105 years. 

The Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans thanks all of our members for their donations, especially Margaret Roets for her legacy donation. The combined efforts of all of these people have paid for the Gazette Van Detroit to be accessible to the world. Our Staff scanned and edited the documents to put forth the best quality work. This has been 5 years of dedicated efforts.

Our next phase is digitizing photos from the Gazette and we hope to make those available sometime in the future.

We still have the newspaper, and if you need large scale articles it would be easier to come directly to us. Come in to see entire weeks and months of the paper. We also do translation work and have many of the original photos printed in the paper. Please contact us for an appointment at 586-777-2720 or by email

Any newspaper printed prior to 1926 is in public domain In the United States, the Copyright Act (Title 17 US Code) states that intellectual property belongs to the author, unless otherwise specified in a publishing contract.

After 1977 articles are copyrighted for 70 years after death of author. You may copy sections for your own use but are not allowed to reprint articles.

Please take an opportunity to check out the digital collection of the Gazette van Moline site, hosted by the Rock Island County Historical Society.