Gazette van Detroit

NOTE: The Gazette van Detroit and it's parent, The Belgian Publishing Company, ceased publishing and operation on December 31, 2018. All content and holdings have been transferred to GSFA. Please contact the GSFA library with questions about the Gazette at 586-777-2720 or

Published in Roseville, MI since 1914, among many other things, the Gazette van Detroit provided news from various Belgian social and cultural organizations across the USA, as well as organizations in Belgium that are interested in the historical link between the two countries (cited from the Gazette van Detroit Mission Statement).

Save The Newspaper Project

One of the many special projects on which we are working at the GSFA is our Save the Newspaper effort. The Gazette van Detroit has published a Flemish language newspaper in Detroit for nearly 105 years! We are currently digitizing every page of every issue - they sometimes crumble at the touch! It's a long, tedious and delicate operation. We could use another pair or two of steady hands! We are presently working on 1924. We'll keep you posted on our progress!