The Tri-Annual GSFA Flemish American Heritage Magazine - all back issues are available except Volume I issue I which is out of print. We can, however, supply a photocopy issue if desired. Cost of back issues is $2.00 per issue plus $1.50 postage & handling in the US, $2.00 postage in Canada and $2.50 postage in Europe If multiple issues are ordered the p & h can be adjusted. An index is printed for each volume at the back of issue 3.

NOTE 1: Articles with this note have been combined in a booklet What's Behind My Flemish Name which we have for sale at $4.00 + $2.50 p&h.
NOTE 2: These articles have been combined in a booklet
Translating Vital records of Belgium From Latin, Dutch and French,  A Look at Calendars  which we have for sale at $5.00 + 2.50 p&h.

VOLUME I issue 1 1983
Our Heritage- Who Are Our Ancestors? part 1
Flemish Roots--An American Descendant of Charlemagne lives in Michigan
What's Behind my Flemish Name Part 1 (SEE NOTE 1)
A Monetary Curiosity
First Consul of Belgium in Detroit. Peter DeCoster (1809-1898)
Surname Index

VOLUME I issue 2 1983
Our Heritage- Who Are Our Ancestors? part 2
Periodicals on file in the Library
Pieter Brueghel Report (1983 Festival in the Detroit area)
Latin Words Most Commonly Found in Parish Registers (SEE NOTE 2)
Archives and Belgian Addresses
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Vermeersch Descendant Tree by Theresa Sarnacke
Family Fun in a Barn- Vermeersch Reunion and how it was planned

VOLUME II issue 1 1984
Cover story: Antwerp, The City Owes the Scheldt to God and Everything Else to the Scheldt
What's Behind My Flemish Name Part 2 (SEE NOTE 1)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Surname Index
Birth Records in the Dutch (Flemish) Language (SEE NOTE 2)
Don't Forget to Smell the Flowers
(Remember to record the human interest items as well as names and dates.)
Ancestor Chart of Charles Goddeeris (1855-1933)

VOLUME II issue 2 1984
Forty Years of Service to His Fellow Man (Fr. Karel Denys 40 Years a Priest)
Cover story On To The New World (Impressions of 19th century Flemish emigrants)
Abstracts of Death Memorial Cards
What's Behind my Flemish Name? part 3 (SEE NOTE 1)
Gazette van Detroit- 70 Years Old a short history
Marriage Records in the Dutch (Flemish) Language (SEE NOTE 2)

VOLUME III issue 1 1985
Cover story: Tombstone of Flemish in WW I
Flemish Americans in Detroit area who served in WW 1 (4 page list of names)
What's Behind my Flemish Name part 4 (SEE NOTE 1)
Personal Memories of WW II by Georges G. D'Hooghe
Excerpts of the Memoirs of Gaston Verbeke (transl. from French by his aunt Flavia Deroo
Abstracts of Death Memorial Cards
Alibis and Observations (Why haven't I recorded all that data?)
Surname Index
History of Ieper

VOLUME III issue 2 1985
Cover story: The Waterloo Monument
Flemish Americans who served in WWI
Surname Index
Enlistment of Foundlings and Orphans in Napoleon's Army. by Eugene de Lelys
French Republic Calendar (SEE NOTE 2)
Birth Records in the French Language (SEE NOTE 2)
Letter from a French Soldier of Napoleon
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Heraldry and Hogwash

VOLUME IV issue 1 1986
Cover story: Mill of Boechout, Province of Antwerp
More Calendars- More Confusion (French Republic/Gregorian)
Getting to Know Windmills (5 pages)
Surname Index
Palms Family in Detroit and their Flemish Ancestors (5 pages)  (SEE NOTE 2) Part 1
Marriage Records in the French Language (SEE NOTE 2)
A Kind of In Memorium (to her father by B. Mathew-DeSmyter)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Flemish Food - Favorites of the past

VOLUME IV issue 2 1986
Cover story: Statue of Liberty
Death Records in the French Language (SEE NOTE 2)
Millers in Folklore
Surname Index
Palms Family of Detroit Part.2
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Spinsters! Married or Single?
Belgium Was Included (Belgium was included in the 100th Birthday celebration of the Statue of Liberty
Belgian Army Veterans of WW I in the US

VOLUME V issue 1 1987
Cover story: The Spinster
Surname Index
Ancestor Chart of Leon Buyse
Dedications of the Buyse Library
Palms Family in America part 3 (9 pages)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Millers in the Family (Some American Families with Miller Ancestors in Belgium)
Official Spelling of Flemish Towns
Reference Books in the Leon Buyse Library

VOLUME V issue 2 1987
Cover story: Weavers in Belgium
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Fr. Van der Putte - A man for all Seasons by his cousin Jan Williams-Marchand
Reference books in the Leon Buyse Library
Seurynck Family in America Part 1(5 pages)
Palms Family in America Part 4 (7 pages)
Surname Index

VOLUME VI issue 1 1988
Cover story: A History of Lace.
Palms Family in America part 5 (6 pages)
Seurynck Family in American part 2 (8 pages)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Our Life Story-Our Link to the Past
Official Spelling of Flemish Towns by Margarita Delbrook Villa

VOLUME VI issue 2 1988
Cover story: Tapestry
Recent Acquisitions
Seurynek Family in America part 3 (13 pages)
What's in a Name? (Familiar businesses with Flemish names)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Surname Index
The Early Years-DeClercq and Van Slambrouck Family
Money and other Matters of Interest
Traveling on the Red Star Line

VOLUME VII issue 1 1989
Cover story: The Shoemaker
Locating the "Goeminnes" by Dorothy & Harry Goodman
How a box of mementoes and documents found in the attic start them on the trail.
Recent Acquisitions
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
The Early Years- DeClercq & VanSlambrouck part 2
Surname Index
Seurynck Family in America Part 4 (9 pages)

VOLUME VII issue 2 1989
Cover story: The Art of Printing
Coucke Family of Wakken and the Cook Family of Pennsylvania by Ted Cook
Coucke Ancestors in Marke, Markegem & Wakken by K. Denys
New Flanders in Pennsylvania
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Recent Acquisitions
Marriage Patterns (An interesting chain of eight marriages in which first the woman is widowed
and next the husband is the survivor and so on alternately from 1765 to 1910)

VOLUME VIII issue 1 1990
Cover story: The Potter
Ancestors of Franciscus Serrano
Sewyrick Family in America part 5 (9 pages)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Give Those Photos Some TLC (safe storage, care and protection)
My Life Part I by Bernadette Verschaeve

VOLUME VIII issue 2 1990
Cover story: The Coppersmith (Koperslager)
Surname Index
Weezerie Registers. (Orphan Records) Probate type records and how to use them
My Life Part 2 by Bernadette Verschaeve
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards

VOLUME IX issue 1 1991
Cover story: De Metselaar (Bricklayer)
Seurynck Family in America part 6 (17 pages)
My Life Part 3 by Bernadette Verschaeve
In Our Library (first regular feature listing some of the books in our library)

VOLUME IX issue 2 1991
Cover story: Craftsmen in Wood (Timmerman (carpenter) Schrijnwerker (cabinet worker) Draaier
(wood turner) Stoel maaker (chairmaker)
Belgique MO A Belgian Settlement (Contrary to the spelling, this town was not settled by
Walloons but by Flemings---from the northern part of E.Flanders
and the southern part of the Dutch province of Zeeland)
Prohibition Didn't Stop Everyone (Childhood memories of Henry Verslype)
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Towns of Belgium: BEERNEM
Surname Index
Belgian Census Records of 1814-1815
In Our Library

VOLUME X issue 1 1992
Cover story: De Smid (Blacksmith)
Digging for Deneweths
Abstract of Death Memorial Cards
Fashion Pendulum Spans History
My Experiences in Writing Family History and Genealogy Books by Helen Bekken
(The author's two hard-cover books are in our library. The Vans & Their Clans and
Vandenbrouckes & Kin)
Belgique MO part 2
In Our Library

VOLUME X issue 2 1992
Cover story: De Kleermaker (The Tailor)
Felix- Van Goey Story part 1 by Georgette Harding
Burial Records (What you can learn from them 3 pages)
Belgian Settlers in Indiana by Henry Verslype
Emigrants from Pittem Part 1
Towns of Belgium: PITTEM/EGEM
Some Monthly Information for you (old names of the months)
Minerva A Belgian Auto (1908)
In Our Library

VOLUME X issue 1 1993
Cover story: The Baker
Felix-Van Goey Story part 2
Emigrants from Pittem part 2
Back in Time- Today's Spring Cleaning is a Breeze
Gathering of the Clan - Planning a family reunion
Turnhout in the History of Playing Cards
Time Slowly Burying Old Flemish Village (Horebeke- Protestants slowly disappearing in this Flemish town)
by Henry Verslype

In Our Library

VOLUME XI issue 2 1993
Cover story: De Vleeschouwer (The Butcher)
Emigrants from Pittem Part 3
Felix-Van Goey Story Part 3
Oral History (How and Why)
Past & Present Reality of Beveren by Peter DeKever (A tripto the land of his grandfather)
Towns of Belgium: GHENT - part 1

VOLUME XII issue 1 1994
Cover story: De Brouwer (The Brewer)
Tribute to King Boudewijn
Dutch Family Relative Words
Towns of Belgium: GHENT - part 2
Emigrants from Pittem part 4
How to Clean Your Tape Recorder
Flanders- Traditional Beer Paradise
Poorters (explanation ofjust what is meant by poorter and buiten poorter)
How Many Songs Can A Caged Bird Sing? (Competition of finches in Belgium)
Railroads of Belgium
In Our Library

VOLUME XlI issue 2 1994
Cover story: De Hovenier (The Gardener
Centennial of a Poem (about Guido Gezelle)
Fr Denys Golden Jubilee as a priest
Sweet Land of Waas (3 pages-a quick trip to St Niklaas the capital of the towns and villages
comprising the Waasland)
Towns of Belgium: IEPER
Surname Index
Did Someone Say Phonics? (Fun with Homophones)
In Our Library

VOLUME XIII issue 1 1995
Cover story: De Musikant (The Musician)
Where Will This Trip Lead Me? (research trip by Kathy De Coopman)
Lord Baltimore, a Flemish American of Sorts
Emigrants from Pittem part 5
Towns of Belgium: POPERINGE
In Our Library

VOLUME XIII issue 2 1995
Cover story: Visual Arts (Fine Arts of Various Types)
Have You Ever Wondered? (about stern expressions on old photos)
Dutch Words in Vital Records
Emigrants from Pittem part 6
Towns of Belgium: ROESELARE
Poperinge's "Green Gold"
Medical Facts - They Have a Place in Your Family Tree

VOLUME XIV issue 1 1996
Cover story: Writers
New Provinces (Belgian province of Brabant divided into two provinces)
Blessed Jan Vam Ruusbroec
Emigrants from Pittem Part 7
Life Begins at 80
The Gilles - Mardi Gras carnival of Binche
Towns of Belgium: DAMME
Belgian Recipes - Filet of Rabbit with Port Wine and Braised Asparagus
In Our Library

VOLUME XIV issue 2 1996
Cover story: Flemish Theater
Flem.Amer. Authors continued
Memories of our Mother (Kallo E. FL. Clothilda Deman to Amer age 8 in 1880, pioneered with
her husband in the west and Alaska)
Emigrants from Pittem part 8
Trip to the Past (Gift of a marriage book of her husband's grandmother led Thalia Snyder and
her husband on a research trip to Belgium)
Towns of Belgium: AALST

VOLUME XV issue 1 1997
University of St. Louis and its Flemish Founders
GSFA Workshop part 1
Our Trip to Belgium by Marie Putnam
Towns of Belgium: AALTER
Additions to F.A. Authors
Belgium- Beer Paradise
Brewer's Museum in Brussels
Emigrants from Pittem - conclusion

VOLUME XV issue 2 1997
Cover story: Belgium's Contribution to Religious Institutions in America
Flemings speak Dutch
GSFA Workshop part 2
From Marcke to America (story of her grandmother by Teresa Childers Stallings)
Profile of Flanders (government structure)
Towns of Belgium: VELNNE
Life Many Years Ago by Lawrence Van Damme

VOLUME XVI issue 1 1998
Cover story: Belfries in Flanders
The Seventh Son! Leopold Amede Claeys- godson to King Leopold II
GSFA Workshop part 3
Towns of Belgium: HERDERSEM
Emigrants from Poeke
Family Ties Part 1 Emigrant family from Belgium to Republic MI to S. Dakota, to Alaska
Have You Ever Heard Of? Treaty of Ghent

VOLUME XVI issue 2 1998    Here's what the cover looks like, in color
Cover story: Flax and Linen Industry of Belgium
Beguinages of Belgium
Towns of Belgium: DIKSMUIDE
Emigrants from Lotenhulle part 1
GSFA Workshop Conclusion

VOLUME XVII issue 1 1999
Cover story: Kasteel van Wijnendale (Wijnendale Castle)
Emigrants van Lotenhulle part 2
Towns of Belgium: TIELT
Memory's Vision Adventures of a Young Immigrant by Peter DeKever
Belgium's Contributions to Religious Institutions in North America Part 2
Genealogy via Motorcycle by Michael Van Waashmova
Have You Ever Heard Of? The Gent House of Correction

VOLUME XVII issue 2 1999
Cover story: Laarne Castle
Emigrants from Lotenhulle - conclusion
Family Ties
Memory's Vision - conclusion
Towns of Belgium: DENDERHOUTEM
More about Seventh Sons!
What is Soundex
Family Name Variations
In Our Library

VOLUME XVIII issue 1 2000
Cover story: Loppem Castle
Emigrants from Aalter (part 1)
Towns of Belgium: Kortrijk
Charles V's 500th birthday
Mike Van Wasshnova's travelog through the Low Countries - part 1
An update on preserving memories - CD-ROM, videotape?
How to make REAL Belgian fries (not french fries)
Plus the usual membership list updates, etc.

VOLUME XVIII issue 2 2000
Cover story: Castle of the Counts of Flanders - Ghent
Towns of Belgium: Haaltert
Mike Van Wasshnova's travelog through the Low Countries - part 2
Emigrants from Aalter (part 2)
Emperor Charles V, Flander's most famous son
Family History during the French Period
Closing of Our Lady of Sorrows Church

VOLUME XIX issue 1 2001
Cover story: Ooidonk Castle
Towns of Belgium: Oostende
The Beer Carriers of Brugge
Emigrants from Aalter - part 3
FLANDERS: From poor to prosperous
National WWII Memorial
Flanders' first christian coin

VOLUME XIX issue 2 2001
Cover story: Kasteel van Ingelmunster
Towns of Belgium: Kortemark
Emigrants from Aalter - part 4
Belgium's contribution to religious institutions in North America (continued from Volume XVII Issue 1)
In Memoriam: Valere Arickx [he helped found V.V.F.(Flemish Association for Genealogy)]
Some occupations (beroepen) in Dutch (part 1)

VOLUME XX issue 1 2002
Cover story: Castle Alde Biesen
Towns of Belgium: Tongeren
Emigrants from Aalter - part 5
Fire sweeps thru Castle (Ingelmunster)
GSFA Surname Index - part 1 (a list of member numbers, surname the member is researching in and the towns)
Some occupations (beroepen) in Dutch (part 2)

VOLUME XX issue 2 2002
Cover story: Castle Van Male
Towns of Belgium: Bredene
Emigrants from Zwevezele - part 1
Social Security Numbers (explaination of the numbers)
What's in a Name?: The Story of Goethals
GSFA Surname Index - part 2
Some occupations (beroepen) in Dutch (part 3)

VOLUME XXI issue 1 2003
Cover story: Cortewalle
Towns of Belgium: Sint Niklaas
Emigrants from Zwevezele - part 2
The 2002 Christmas stamp
Brewing Belgian beer in the United States
Belgium's contributions to the religious institutions in North America
Tapestries in New Los Angles cathedral
DEBOO in North America

VOLUME XXI issue 2 2003
Cover Story: Castle Merode
Towns of Belgium: Mechelen
Emigrants from Zwevezele - part 3
DEBOO in North America (with corrections)
Dilemma of too many DeNolfs
More about Carillons

VOLUME XXII issue 1 2004
Cover Story: Castle Tillegem
Town of Belgium: Koekelare
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 4)
The Family of Alidor BRAEM
In Memoriam: Mary Ellen VAN DAMME (nee GRENON)
Belgian Royalty: The First Belgian King - Leopold I
Flemish Cooking: Lukken

VOLUME XXII issue 2 2004
Cover Story: Castle Rumbeke
Town of Belgium: Brugge
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 5)
My Life by Madeline Braem
In Memoriam: Mary Ellen VAN DAMME (nee GRENON)
Belgian Royalty: Leopold II
Flemish Cooking: Speculoos

VOLUME XXIII issue 1 2005
Cover Story: Castle Gaarsbeek
Town of Belgium: Brussels
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 6)
Sir name index
Old Flemish Words
Belgian Royalty: Albert I
Flemish Cooking: Speculaas and Honey Cake

VOLUME XXIII issue 2 2005
Cover Story: Castle Van Beauvoorde
Town of Belgium: Ardooie
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 7)
The Genealogy of European Royalty - They're all related to King Albert
The Legend of the Tall Wapper (Lange Wapper)
Old Flemish Words - Part 2
Belgian Royalty: King Leopold III
Cooking With the Flemings (Memories of Margaret Roets)

VOLUME XXIV issue 1 2006
Cover Story: Castle of Viscount de Jonge d'Ardoye
Town of Belgium: Durbuy
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 8)
Genetic Genealogy
Getting the Most out of an Internet Search
Belgian Royalty: King Baudouin I
Cooking with the Flemings: Eels in Hoegaarden and Green Sauce/Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sauce

VOLUME XXIV issue 2 2006
Cover Story: Castle
Town of Belgium: Leuven (and the University)
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 9)
Going to Belgium on the Internet
Karel Verbeke's American Dream
Old Flemish Words - Part 3
Belgian Royalty: King Albert II, Prince Phillipe
Cooking with the Flemings: Grandma Stano's Honey Cake

VOLUME XXV issue 1 2007
Belgian Monuments: The Grand Place
Old Flemish Words - Part 4
A Gift for Me
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 10)
Famous Beligans: Cardinal Godfried Danneels
Cooking with the Flemings: Flemish rabbit and red cabbage
The Archives and Documentation for Flemish Nationalism
Famous Belgians: Adolphe Sax

VOLUME XXV issue 2 2007
Belgian Monuments: Maneken Pis
How to Use Our Library
Cooking with the Flemings: Marion Allemon's Flemish Rabbit
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 11)
Famous Beligans: Leo Baekelandt
Old Flemish Words - Part 5
The Flemish Lion
The Moerman Family's Journey from Belgium to America
Famous Belgians at a Glance: Kim Clijsters/Eddy Merckx/ Jacob van Artevelde

VOLUME XXVI issue 1 2008
Cooking with the Flemings: Witte Trippen (White Sausage)
Belgian Monuments: The Lion Hill Memorial, Waterloo
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 12)
Men of Valor
The Legend of the Lace Maker
Flemish Migration Routes to North America
Famous Belgian Inventor: Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir/Edward De Smedt

VOLUME XXVI issue 2 2008
Cooking with the Flemings: Grandma De Neve's Second Hand Potatos/Waffle Cookie/Molasses Coffee Cake/Bluewust Sausage
Belgian Beer
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 13)
The GSFA's Leon Buyse Library Helped Me Come Closer to My Family
A Poem about Grandma climbing her family tree
The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium is 50 years old
Famous Belgians: Andre Waterkeyn/Baron Moens de Fernig

VOLUME XXVI issue 3 2008
The Front Line Men - The Four Fighting Brother
Famous Belgians: Dirk Martens
Cooking with the Flemings: Apple Fritters(Appel Poffertije Beignets)/Rice Pudding(Rijstapap)/Advokaat(Egg Cognac)
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 14)
Belgian Monuments: The Zimmer Tower, Lier

VOLUME XXVI issue 1 2009
The Front Line Men - The Four Fighting Brother - Part 2
Belgian Places: Palace of Justice, Brussels
My Genealogy Research - Till Death Do Us Part?
The King's House
Introduction to the Venesoen Reports - Emigration
Cooking with the Flemings: Sponge Cake/Butter Creme Frosting
Famous Belgians: Jacques Rogge
Emigrants from Zwevezele (part 15)
The Sablon Square (De Zavel or Le Sablon)
Abbreviation That You May Encounter in Your Research

VOLUME XXVI issue 2 2009
The Front Line Men - The Four Fighting Brother - Part 3
The Emma Mahieu Family's Genealogy Find
Breendonk, The Double Life of a Monument
Where is Flanders? What is Flemish?
Famous Belgians: Frank DeWinne - Belgian Astronaut
So You Want to Climb Your Family Tree?
Cooking with the Flemings: Apricot Lattice Tart
Medical Facts in Your Family Tree
Latin in Genealogy
One-Ounce Belgian Idols Vie for Most Tweets Per Hour
Karel Jan Bossart: "Father of the Atlas Missle"