Word Lists - Old Flemish Words

Old Flemish Words
Old Flemish Words
compiled by
Etienne Elskens


Aangedeijlt, aengedeijlt: received from share, distribution

Absenten: absent

Abuseren: make a mistake

Acquireren: acquire, receive, to buy

Acte van gifte: act of gift of immovable goods, property

Acte van partagie: act of distribution

Actum: dealt with at a specified time

Ad opus jus habentium: in favor of the rightful claimant

Admitteren: permit, accept

Advenant: proportionately

Adverteren: announce

Aaenkomende: one who is to take a post or service

Aenleggeren: he who subpoenas in a law suit

Aenpaert: a share

Aerdgange: terrain, region, as a fully considered part of a larger part

Affectatie: seizure, allotment, greediness, to give permission to take charge in the disposition of goods, affectation

Affecte: feeling, affection

Affecteren: to feel

Affixie: attachment

Afgesetenen: not a habitant, citizen of a village

Afgewonnen goed: received goods by verdict

Afmeijnen: dismiss a former buyer due to a higher bid

Afzaeij: to harvest his last seeded crop

Aggreatie: permission

Aaggreëren: approve

Allodiael: not feudal, free of feudal duties, obligations

Allodiaele goederen: goods free of feudal obligations

Amende: fine (penalty)

Amenden: acknowledgement of fine

Amman, amptman: official for the feudal lord

Amortisatione: bringing goods in the hands of the clergy

Amoveren: remove

Ampel, ample: ample

Apendentie: belonging to

Aposthileren: examine a document and the needy border markings

Apostille: writings in the border of the page

Appliceren: apply

Approberen: approve

Assigneren: written indication another person can pay for a security

Assisteren: assist

Authoriseren: authorize

Avanceren: make an advance in money

Badstoofhouder: person who owns a bathhouse, keeps it heated

Baetae Maria: Holy Mary

Baetae Maria Virginis: Holy Virgin Mary

Baimisse, Baifmisse: St. Bavo, the 1st. of October, Payday

Balije: a part of an order of knighthood

Bavonisse: St. Bavo, the 1st. of October, Payday

Bede: request

Bedwangbaer: restrainable, controllable

Beheijmen: enclose, fence in

Bekaeren: keeping at bay, deducting from

Beleyde: seizure of immovable goods for debt

Beneficie: privilege, prerogative

Beneficie divisionis: goods evenly divided if more than one person put up bail

Beneficie excussions: privilege that exists if more than one person put up security each can be asked for an even share

Beneficie ordinis: privilege that one can not talk to the first debtor if lawfully is placed in default

Beneficie senatus consulti vellejani: this privilege is to protect women because of their rashness, lightheadedness, illness so they won't be misled in putting up bail

Beneficien: benefits, profits

Beneficien ordinis et exussionis: the right of a guarantor to dismiss a creditor as long as the debtor has gained the privilege guarantor to talk first to the head lender

Benifieten: profits, someone who can not fulfill his obligations to the lord

Blamuser: silver mint piece

Blekbosch: oak wood with the intention to use the harvest of oak bark for tannery

Bloedtwegen: family ties

Bunder, boinder: 4/3 hectare, 4 dagwanden, 14 square meters, 110 square rods

Busmeester: master in charge of the city cannons

Busschieter: he who shoots off the cannon, gunner

Cachet: stamp, seal

Calengieren: feel sorry for oneself, complain, accuse

Calengierer: accuser

Camerlinck gelt: money that the new lender owes the lord but is handed over to other person due to death or agreement

Cassatie: breaking of an agreement, violation

Casuelijck: per chance

Cautie: security, guarantee given to someone in case of possible damage

Cautionaris: guarantor

Caverende: take up the security for someone

Cederen: endorsing, relinquishing

Cessie: abdication, relinquishment

Chierdagen: days of sale by auction

Cijns, chijns: rent paid by the owner, or by a renter to the owner

Clausulen: official clause with binding character, decision

Codicillair: type of extreme will without inheriting or not inheriting

Codicillair: pertaining to a lastwill

Codiaille: added note, inscription in a last will

Codicil: appendix to a last will

Collata concordat cum suo originale: the examined wording agrees with his original writing

Collationeren: comparing the writings with the original text

Commanten: buyers by request of a third person, strawmen

Commere: burden, hindrance, lament, disadvantage, poverty, in need

Commeren: to defame, gossip

Commiteren: appoint, give an order

Communy forma: in the usual manner of dealing

Comparante constituante: the appearer who makes herself powerful

Compareren: appear lawfully

Competent: fitting, suitable

Competeren: belong to, come to

Comptoire: office, bureau

Concordantiam: that which I confirm in agreement

Condemneren: convict, condemn

Convidenten: copartners

Confiscatie: seizure, confiscation

Conformiteit: in agreement

Consentemente: agreement, affirmative

Consenteren: to grant, to consent

Consideratie: consideration

Constituant: in favor of, investor, constituent

Constitueren: constitute, to place in a position, appoint as firm manager

Contrarie: against, contradictory

Contribueren: contribute

Contributie: contribution

Convenieren: express agreement, concede

Copia authentica: authentic copy

Coram: in the presence of, before me

Corpora: bodies

Corporum: body, corporate body

Courtresse: shortage, deficit

Coustume: custom, habit, common law

Croiserende: increase, growth

Croissen: interest

Cuasa uxoris: out of the head of the marriage

Cum annexis: with accessory, with bible

Cum interesse: with interest, with his attachment

Cum solemnitatibus requisites: with required duties

Cum sua: with his wife

Cum suis: with his

Curateur: curator

Custos: verger, sextop

Dagement: summons, subpoena, writ

Dagmael, dagwand: 1/3 of an hectare, 100 rods, 14 square meters

Decassatien: sentence, ( cassatie: annulment of a sentence )

Declatoir: explanatory, declaration

Defructueren: harvesting

Den penning 20: on each of 20 pennies one must pay 1 penny as rent

Denominatie: naming, appointed

Depêche: telegram, official notice

Dependencie: dependant, belonging to

Dependentien: outbuildings, outhouses,

Dependerende: belonging to

Derogeren: demolish, raze, to stray from the law

Designeren: to assign

Desisteren: let go, to relinquish something

Devoiren en plaisieren: obligations and legal rights (now legal rights and obligations)

Dinandier: copper smith

Dienende: one who is at the moment in charge

Dier, diër: of that

Dispositie: arrangement, disposition, disposal

Distingueren: to distinguish, discern

Divisie: distribution

Doceren: to make apparent,

Dode hand: property, possessions that can not be inherited
Doemen: to sentence, to convict

Dominie: inpossession

Douariere: title for widow of nobility, but not benefiting of the income of a widow's dowry or jointure

Drossaert, drossaet, drost: baillif

Duccaton: silver mint piece of three guilders (florin) and three pennies

Dukaat: golden mint of 2.5 grams (Venetian)

Edifie: building

Effecten: paper money, letter of debt, share certificate

Egalingere: equalization

Emaneren: outgoing, come out, flow out

Emmers: but, in any case, still, always

Emmeso: sent out, dispatched

Emoluenten: irregular added wages above the set salary for a post

Emphitensie: hereditary tenure, long lease

Envoijen: dispatch

Erfelijke rente: an achieved usufruct (legal right to use) in the form of a lifelong usage of the property

Et a me infra scripto notario: and by me the undersigned notary

Eursel, eussel, eeus(s)el: dried summer grass for cattle that's fenced in

Evictie: to take away someone's property, eviction

Exempt, except: exempt of, free of

Excussie: loophole, excuse

Executie: the carrying out of a sentence

Executoriaal: feasible

Exeptie van geenen getelden gelde:

Exhibitien: exhibitions, submitted papers

Expireren: to come to an end, expire

Expresse: with framework, with premeditation

Exprimeren: press out, express oneself

Facta: done, carried out

Faute: fault, shortcoming

Faveure: in his or her benefit, favor

Finalijk: finally, lastly

Fine: to the end

Fonderen: to found, build, establish

Geaffigeert: attached to

Geavanceert: made an advancement in money

Gecollationeerd: compared the writings with the original text

Gecombineerde: combined

Gecommiteerd: appointed

Geconvenieerd: came to an agreement, appropriate, matched

Gedomineerde: named, assigned

Gedevolveert: passed onto (in case of death), shift the blame to another

Gedivideerd: divided, apportioned

Gedogen: allow, accept

Geexamineerd: examined, interrogated

Geexprikueerde: mentioned

Geimponeerd: make a strong influence upon, inspire with awe

Geinsereerd: inserted

Geinsinnueerd: insinuated, to make known

Geleden: tolerated, acknowledge

Gelijcke: everyone

Gelijcken: in the same manner

Gemaneert: continued, proceeded

Gemaniseerde rente: in justly advanced rent

Gementioneerde: mentioned

Gemeriteerd: earned

Gemeyne: common, jointly

Gemolesteerd: molested

Genombrement: summed up

Geoppignoreerde: pawned

Geordonneerd: charged, ordered, ordained

Gepasseert: ago, passed, in the past

Geprojecteerde minute: projected minute

Geprovenieert: arose from, originated from

Geredresseert: edited anew, rewrote

Gerequireert: demanded

Geroert: discussed, reserved

Gespleten: divided parcel

Getacheert: estimated

Getransigeert: consented with both sides in agreement

Geusurpeert: usurped, illegally took possession

Gewesenen: avowed

Gifte, gichte: gift

Goeden: donate, take possession of

Goedenisse: transfer of intangible (immovable) goods

Guarant: guarantor

Hac: on this side, here

Haefve en erfve: tangible and intangible (moving and immovable) goods

Hand ende mond putten: take a solemn oath

Handmercq, handmerck: signature

Handtvullinge: cash payment

Hant ende mont doen te: the taking of a solemn oath by a new loan

Heijsh, heysch: the progress of a business (affairs)

Hellicht: half

Herbaene: highroad, route

Het vervue: the right to a share in the wood in relation to the years that one was the user of the parcel where the timber grew

Hodie dato: today

Hoir: heirs, descendants in direct line

iegen: each

iiijre: fourth

iijre: third

ijre: second

jre: first

Illusoir: deceitful

Immeubel: immovable (intangible) goods

Imponeren: impose

Impositie: imposition

In dominie: in property

In forma: in legal required form

In kas, in cas: in case

In solidum: each per capita answerable for the total debt

In verbis: literally

Indivies: undivided (inheritance)

Insereren: insert

Insinuatio: judicial notification

Ita est: so it is

Iteratieve verkopinge: resale, put up for sale again

Jaerschaere: annual rent

Judiecielijck: before the court of justice (courtlike)

Kannonnier: gunner

Kerckgebod, kercroep: public announcement in the church

Kermis, kermesse: fair

Kersemis, kersemisse: Christmas

Kortsheijd: in short (shortly)

Lafelijk: richly

Lauderen: to praise, estimate the value of

Leenen hand en mond: tenant farmer or a middleman

Leenroerigheid: coming from and dependant of a feudal lord

Lijfcoop, lijcoop: money paid for a sale for the purpose to drink on that sale (treat)

Linie: ditch (moat) with military significance

Magtig maken: to empower

Mainteren: to hold in status

Manisse: the requirement of a judgment by the feudal lordon the summons

Meergeldinge: higher yield than former bid

Meriteren: earn

Meyer: lower judicial official

Mijt: coin = 1/2 penny, farthing

Mingeldinge: lower yield than former bid

Minute: original document saved by the notary public

Mitsgaeders: also, moreover

Moderatie: moderately, moderation

Moije: mother

Moirbemdt: wet meadow, swamp

Molesteren: to molest, sexual attack

Momboir: guardian

Monteren: rise, mount (picture), assemble, stage (a play)

Mutuelen testamente: mutual testament (reciprocal)

Naerberoepe: last mentioned

Naerkinderen: descendants from a second marriage

Nege(n)manneke: coin with a value of nine pennies

Negligente: negligent

Nomine uxoris: in name of the wife

Non amortisatine: not placed in a dead hand

Non numerata pecunia: non paid money, ready cash (money)

Notarus regalis: royal notary

Numerata pecunia: cash money

Obligatie: debenture, bond

Observantie: observance, having regard to

Obtineren: obtain

Occasie: a bargain

Onder verband als naar rechten: according to the legal regulations

Ongedaeght: something summoned legally

Ongespleten chyns: tribute money for property that already was distributed

Ontgoeden: take legally away someone's property

Ontvesten: take legally away someone's property

Oord: ¼ of a penny

Oost: the month of August

Oppignoreren: to pawn

Oratorie: house of prayer, oratory

Ordonantie: arrangement, command, injunction

Originali: in original condition

Overtieygid: accused of

Paeijgeboden: public proclamation

Paelgenoten: attached, annexed

Paisibelijck: in complete agreement

Palmslagh: handshake to seal a sale

Parate: immediate

Parate executie: immediate execution of

Pariter et in solidum: at the same time and in completeness

Pendente hac evictione: hanging this proclamation

Penning, penninc, pennic: silver and later copper coin = 1/16 of a penny Double the amount of hallinc or mite

Placcaert: poster , edict

Poincten: points

Poinctuelijck: punctual, according to the rules

Pondpenningen: the right to pay by the transfer of intangible goods

Possessie: possession

Preadverterende: preannouncement, prenotification

Prejuditie: harm, damage

Presens: in the presence of

Presentie: presence

Preserveren: preserve, guard

Pretexeren: pretend, feign

Prijckel: difficulty, danger

Priseringe: valuation

Pro ut: as for

Procreëren: procreate, beget, obtain

Procuratie: power of attorney

Procureren: produce, generate

Propren (persoon): self, personal

Prout in forma: according to the form

Prove: lifelong care in or through a charitable institution

Provenierende: arising from

Provicionelijkck: provision, advance

Putten ende paelen: and the boundary posts

Qualitate qua: authorized as, conferred full powers, in capacity of

Quod attestot: that what I affirm

Quytbaere: Redeemable

Quyten: relieve, redeem

Ratificeren: sanction, corroborate

Reciteteren: recite

Redresseren: make good, mend, repair

Refereren: refer to

Regenoten, regnoten: adjacent, border on

Reguarderende: concerning, regarding

Reijchel: beam placed horizontally

Reitereren: repeat, restart

Reli(e)vement: restoration in lost rights

Relieven: claim which the vassal paid the feudal lord

Rembourseren: reimburse

Remigie: coach-house

Rentgelder, rentgever, rentgelderse: he who must pay interest for lent capital

Rentlichter: collector of the rent

Renunciatie: denunciation, withdrawal

Repudiatie: dismissal of an inheritance

Requesten: request

Requireeren: desire, demand of rights, request

Rescibent: defender

Reserveren: reserve

Respecte: respect

Responderen: account for, answer for

Restitutie: restitution

Restrictieën: restriction

Evenuen: profits, revenues

Roede: 14.2 acre

Rush ende roof: all existing crops

Salvo: with reservation

Salvo justo: about, without damage

Schaerbosch: forest that after a stipulated time, five years or more, is cut down

Schoth en loth: share in tax portion

Schuerbaer: vegetation ripe for thrashing in the barn

Sententie: sentence, verdict, to judge

Sententieren: taxes that are tied to ownership of intangible goods

Sive: or

Smaldeelinge: further distribution of property

Solemniteijten: ceremonies

Solutum: for the total sum (paid off)

Solvit: has paid

Sonderlinge: especially

Sterfman: vassal of a feudal estate by whose death an amount must be paid to the feudal lord

Sterfvrouwe: liege lady

Sub littera: subscript under letter

Subaltern: sale by auction

Subhastatie: sale by auction

Subject: subject

Subnissie: fine, bail, security

Subsisteren: continue to exist

Suffisanteren: doing enough for fixed demands

Suppleren, supplieren: plea, beg, request

Sur®anneringe: expired, superannuated

Surrogeren: replace

Tasite: tacit, silent

Ten regarde: in regards

Teneur: contents

Theologant: student in theology

Tocht: drawing benefits from goods or capital

Touchte, toechte: usufruct, reap the fruits of

Transigeren: agree with

Transportanten: delegates, conveyors

Transporteren: transport, transfer, carry over

Uijtwinninge: amortize debts by the sale of intangible goods

Uligh: intentional, deliberate

Usus fruct: the drawing of benefits from capital without being the owner - Use the property as if it were your own but must keep the place intact

Utante: as before

Ut supra: as above

Uxor: wife, spouse

Uxoris: belonging to the wife

Uytwijzen: prove

Van stonden aan: as of this time, from hence on

Veerdere: easy to adept

Verabuseren: mistake

Verachterde chijnsen: unpaid tributes, payment

Veralieneren-aliëneren: to place in unknown hands

Verbant: pact

Verdieren: bring the priceup

Vergelden: pay, reward, reciprocate

Verhaelen: win back the loss

Verlijden: indemnify oneself, profess the debt

Vermeijnende: supposedly, feigned

Vernaerderinge, vernaerderingh: the right of blood relative of seller to present the buyer

Verrechte: improved, adjusted

Vertijdenisse: relinquish, surrender

Het vervue: the right to a share in the wood in relation to the years that one was the user of the parcel where the timber grew

Vicarius, vicaris: vicar, clergyman who has the highest leadership

Vierschaerbiljet: document delivered by the court

Vierschaeren: bank of the alderman

Vierteel, veerteel: measure of capacity

Viswouwer, viswoinder: fish pond

Voluntairlijck: judicial decision without lawsuit

Voorschoot: apron

Waerschap: bail, security

Waranderen: guarantee

Weegd: wall, wooden or clay wall

Wermerderhand: among living

Zielen: souls, people