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A notification of a tentative visit by Mr. Koen De Scheemaeker, a representative of A.D.V.N.  (Archives and Documentation of  Flemish Nationalism, a library/museum mainly subsidized by the Flemish government  who was going to be in New York on Monday and wished to come to Roseville to make a study of the materials available in our library. 

While trying to make a difficult decision of where I should be this week,  mother nature stepped up to the plate and made it for me.  Storms in Iowa tend to be a lot more severe than the storms we see here so one errs on the side of caution when considering driving.

 So Mr Koen De Scheemaeker was extended an invitation to come and call on us.

 I am not what you would call a people person usually but when surrounded by the books and history at the library I am transformed into a tour guide, telling little known facts about some of the pieces that have been given to us. The pieces speak to everyone differently, one mans treasure is another mans junk. I was fortunate to spend the last three days with someone who hears the same things I hear. Koen De Scheemaeker was a joy to have in our library.

Friday came all to soon and we finally got to the real reason Koen was here, he wanted to see the Gazette Van Detroit Archives. I showed him the newspaper, but he asked where are the archives? He was looking for the evidence of a business, the notes and receipts  the phone bills and the list of people who took the paper. The paper trail created by the daily workings of a business was his idea of an archive, sadly most of this evidence was never kept. We have a letter from 1993, a cash book from 2003, some phone bills from 2006 but nothing of the early years.

I never thought of this before but when I went looking for items for Elisabeth's book I was also saving bits and pieces of the everyday workings of the Gazette Van Detroit.

 I picked him up Saturday morning and we met Etienne Elskins at the library for coffee. Etinne told him all the comings and goings of the local clubs and the story of the tapestry while I worked on some information that Koen's researcher may be interested in farther down the road.. They spoke mostly in Flemish and although I could not understand them it was pleasant to listen to and soon it was time to leave for the airport. When I dropped him off  I felt a real sense of loss, that man was like a long lost brother, I would miss his enthusiasm over my hidden treasures, the plays, the records of the club meetings and the many wonderful photographs. It is sad to think that after this brief time of sharing the wonders of history, it may be a long time before our paths may cross again if ever.


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Past announcements:

GSFA Hosted:
Informational Expo on Thursday, May 24th
Calling all Belgian Americans:  
A collaboration of Detroit area Belgian groups is holding an informational Expo on Thursday, May 24th @ 7:00pm. Presentations will include: “Flemish Contributions to the Discovery and Settlement of America” and “College Education in Flemish Studies” by David Baeckelandt. Also, there will be presentations by the: Women’s Century Club, Belgian American Century Club (BACC), Belgian American Association (BAA), and Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans (GSFA).  The event will take place at the GSFA (located in the American House), 18740 13 Mile Rd, Roseville, MI.  All are welcome! For more information and to RSVP for this event, please call Jerry @ (586) 255-7449